Vacuum Components and Systems (JUST VACUUM)

  • Vacuum Components

    An important component of vacuum technology are flange components. Just Vacuum meets the high quality requirements of the vacuum technology in the selection of materials as well as in the production of these components. Just Vacuum carries a lot of standard components in stock, such as: KF small flange components – ISO-K clamp flange components – CF components – Connecting elements – Bellows – Flexible hoses etc.

  • Vacuum Feedthroughs

    Just Vacuum manufactures feedthroughs which are suitable for use in vacuum according to customers requirements and specifications;
    – SUB-D Feedthroughs
    – Cable Feedthroughs
    – SMA Feedthroughs
    – BNC Feedthroughs
    – Thermocouple Feedthroughs

  • Special HV/UHV Chambers

    Special HV and UHV chambers; beside their extensive range of standard parts, Just Vacuum also manufacture various types of special parts according to your specifications. In order to meet the high quality requirements, the entire manufacturing process, from the specification of the materials through designing, cutting and welding to surface treatment, cleaning and quality control, is performed and monitored by their
    qualified personnel. They manufacture special parts made of stainless steel 1.4301 (304), 1.4404 7 1.4435 (316L) according to your specifications and are also specialised in processing ESR steel 14429 (316LN).

  • Right Angle Valves

    JUST VACUUM has long-time experience in the manufacturing of vacuum angle valves and also offers angle valves in large diameters from DN 400 ISO-K up to DN 1000 ISO-F as a standard product for unit production, small batches and as custom-made product.
    The standardized large angle valves of JUST VACUUM have a diaphragm bellows to insulate the double-acting piston against the vacuum. By default, all valves are equipped with an ISO-K bypass flange and 3 instrument flanges. Due to using standard flanges, there is no need for adaptors or connection pieces to integrate the angle valve into the complete system. Furthermore, an easy accessibility, simple removing of individual parts and a short lead time are ensured.

  • Space Simulation Chambers

    Space simulation chambers, also known as thermal-vacuum-chambers, are used to simulate changes in pressure and temperature as they occur in space. This process requires a dynamically controllable temperature range from down to -170°C to up to +120°C in UHV or HV conditions.
    Vacuum technology in combination with state-of-the-art cryogenics is one of the key technologies needed to meet the high technical demands of space travel. The measuring technology integrated into the satellites is becoming more and more precise, the structures are becoming increasingly lighter, and absolute reliability is the only guarantee for the success of a mission. That is why sensors and components are thoroughly tested in space simulation systems. These tests are conducted under real conditions and continually last for days, weeks and months. Afterwards, the thermal and mechanical properties are determined and evaluated.

  • Design & Engineering

    Just Vacuum performs mechanical and electrotechnical design work using the most modern hard- and software.

    Mechanical Design
    – 3D CAD System Pro/E Wildfire 4
    – AutoCAD
    – More Than 10 years experience in designing vacuum systems

    Electrical Design according to VDE
    – Siemens Simatic PLC
    – Beckhoff SPS
    – Allen Bradley RS500
    – WAGO CodeSys
    – Programming in TIA-Portal
    – Visualization with WinCC or LabView
    – Electrica Diagrams with E-Plan P8