Thyracont Vacuum Instruments

  • Smartline

    Range: 1200 – 5 x 10-10 mbar

    The new generation of Smartline Intelligent Vacuum Transducers set highest standards with regard to precision, functionality and reliability. The latest transducers offer an RS485 interface and an additional 0-10 V output or EtherCAT. Smartline‘s intelligent microcontrollers manage sensor control automatically. This guarantees an optimal interplay between the Pirani and ionization sensors without operator intervention. Optionally with large LCD display
    – Compact, metal sealed sensors
    – Low thermal and electric interference with the vacuum process insensitive to shock venting
    – Replaceable sensor heads
    – Correct pressure readings due to separate gas correction factors for each sensor

  • Analogline

    Range: 1400 – 1 x 10-4 mbar

    The Analogline sensors are robust build and insensitive against shock venting and vibration. The analogline comprises pirani sensors with tungsten and platinum-rhodium spiral coil filaments, a ceramic piezo sensor and a capacitive ceramic sensor.
    – Excellent measurement accuracy up to 0,25% f.s.
    – Analog standard output signal 0-10 V or 4-20 mA for PLCs
    – Very compact industrial design with robust metal housings incl. IP54
    – Metal sealed, outstanding low leakage rate up to 5 x 10-10 mbar l/s
    – Superior stability through individual temperature compensation.

  • VD8-Series

    Range: 1600 – 5 x 10-4 mbar

    Thanks to high functionality and compact dimensions the VD8 compact vacuum meters are ideally suited for the maintenance of vacuum pumps and plants. The VD8-series can be operated either with a battery or power supply and may be used in fixed installation or mobile. The handheld VD8-series comprise of a piezo-resistive ceramic diaphragm sensor, a Pirani sensor with tungsten spiral coil filament, a detachable Pirani sensor and wide range combination sensor piezo & Pirani.
    Typical applications are:
    -Monitoring of vacuum insualtions
    -Evacuation of brake and air-conditioning systems
    -Checking and setup of vacuum appliances
    -Operational control and documentation ofvacuum plants and pumps
    -Service and maintenance
    -Modern teachning aid withPC interface
    -Recording and plotting of pump down diaphragms
    -Leak Tests
    -Vacuum centrifugation
    -Coating plants
    -Vacuum evaporators.

  • Accessories

    Vacuum Switches: The robust vacuum switches VRC with Piezo sensor (1200 – 5 mbar) and VRP with Pirani sensor (20 – 1 x 10-3 mbar for pumps and valves to be directly operated. The IP54 housing is also suitable for operations under demanding environmental conditions.
    VacuGraph software: With VacuGraph you can record, plots and save measurements for your quality control. Furhtermore, it is possible to adjust gaugeparameters in a comfortable way. VacuGraph is applicable for all Thyracont gauges with serial interface.
    ISO-KF Accessories: In order to use Thyracont products immediately, the company provides a range of ISO-KF parts. Special centring rings with integrated wire grating or chevron protect your sensors from contamination.
    Calibration: On request, Thyracont provides works calibration of their vacuum gauges with a certificate (4 reference points per pressure decade) or a DAkkS calibration.